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Dec 16, 2014
Municipality of the County of Kings
For the second year in a row, Kings County Employees will average less than 5 days of sick time for the year. Kings County has seen a dramatic decrease in sick time usage over the years from an average of 11.76 days in 2010 through improved attendance management, sick leave language, and organizational restructuring. Chris Moore, Human Resources Specialist with Kings County, had this to say, “We have worked really hard to improve our attendance at Kings County over the past 4 years. The Executive Team of Local 2618 worked with Management and Council to change our sick leave language through collective bargaining which has helped to reduce sick time usage.”

Warden Brothers is pleased that as a result of many of the changes adopted by Council since 2010, Kings County leads the pack in sick days with lower average usage than the private sector (8.2 days), federal (15.2 days), provincial (12.65 days), and many Nova Scotia municipal governments. “I am proud of what staff has accomplished. Our Municipality and citizens are very busy and it is vital that we have such an engaged and committed staff working to provide customer service to our residents.”

Having a low rate of absenteeism means increased savings, less required replacement coverage, and better overall morale for the Municipality. Administration at Kings County will continue to look for ways to build on these successes and create an employment atmosphere that is positive for staff and meets the goals of the organisation.

Dec 12, 2014
Recent Rains and Elevated Temperatures Could Result in Localized Flooding
Municipality of the County of Kings
Kings REMO is advising residents living near the Cornwallis River flood plain of the potential for localized flooding as a result of recent rain and anticipated elevated temperatures over the weekend.

Present water levels have nearly risen to the road in some areas of Brooklyn Street near Valley Regional Hospital, parts of the community of Meadowview between Steadman and Tupper Road, Cambridge Road near Ratchford Road and South Bishop Road at the Cornwallis River Bridge.

“While not yet at traditional flood levels, these areas could experience localized flooding, seeing water crest the roads into yards and basements,” said Kings REMO Coordinator, Brian Desloges. “Residents in these areas are asked to monitor rising water and take precautions if similar river conditions have caused flooding or other problems in the past. If conditions in the area raise any concerns, residents should inform town or county emergency officials.”

The Cornwallis River and Mill Brook systems are within their flooding capacity and discharging heightened water levels at an anticipated rate. Current flooding conditions are considered seasonal for Kentville and surrounding areas. Local officials will continue to monitor conditions and take appropriate action, if required.

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Dec 04, 2014
Municipality of the County of Kings
In an effort to address potential health risks in the local water supply, Council has moved the North Greenwood Water Phase 2 Project to the top of the Build Canada Fund priority list. The project consists of providing central water to a specific area within the Village of Greenwood at an estimated cost of $1.6 million. At the direction of Council, staff will submit an application for the Build Canada Funding for the project. If approved, BCF funding would cover 2/3 of the cost of the project (approximately $1.1 million). The Municipality will be seeking to cost share the remainder of the project with the Province and residents. [Click on the link above for full release]

Nov 20, 2014
Working Group in Support of Villages
Municipality of the County of Kings
A Working Group consisting of representatives from each of the 7 Villages in Kings County together with three Councillors representing the Eastern, Central and Western regions of Kings County and the Kings County CAO was recently formed to provide recommendations to Municipal Council and the Village Commissions with respect to Recommendations 13 and 14 in the Provincial-Municipal Fiscal Review. Recommendations 13 and 14 state that no new villages are to be created and that all villages in Nova Scotia should be phased out. Click the link above to read the complete release.

Nov 18, 2014
Kings County Recreation Group to Celebrate RBC Learn to Play Community Grant
Office of Parks and Recreation
The Kings County Recreation Group was recently awarded a $25,000 RBC Learn to Play Community Grant towards leadership training and mentoring for after school and day camp programs. The leadership training and mentoring project involves sixteen elementary schools and seven recreation departments throughout Kings County. Collectively they employ over sixty after school and day camp program leaders in part time and seasonal positions. The project is also receiving funding support from the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness Active Living Branch, Sport Nova Scotia and the Municipality of the County of Kings.

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