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Swimming Programs

Waterville Community Pool
1442 County Home Rd.
Cambridge, NS
Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program

Red Cross Swim Registration

The Municipality of the County of Kings, Parks and Recreation Services offers a 10 week Red Cross Swim Program, NS Youth Facility, Waterville.

Also, please note the prices have changed:
30 minutes classes up to levels 6 ($50)
45 minutes classes for levels 7-10 ($55)

This Program will follow the Red Cross Kids Water Safety Instructional format. Classes are for youth, minimum age 4 years (5 years old recommended) with a minimum height requirement of 40 inches.
Classes run for ten weeks on Saturdays.
Red Cross Learn-to-Swim times run from 8:00 am -12:15 pm.

For new registrants who are unsure of the Class Level to register their child, check the Level Guide from the document list.
NEXT RED CROSS SWIM REGISTRATION is: Monday, September 29, 2014 In-person ONLY AT 5:00 p.m. in the Orchards Room located in the basement level.
Please Note: The Red Cross Class Schedule Lesson Times and prices have changed. Please check the Class Schedule for swim lesson times.
Swimming Programs
All Drop in Swims at the Waterville Pool will close on May 29th and Will Start Back Up on October 2nd 2014.pdf (250 KB)
Aquatic Cancellation Procedures.pdf (254 KB)
Brochure Red Cross Swim Programs - Run until the end of May and will start back October 2 2014.pdf (857 KB)
Bronze Star Course.pdf (77 KB)
Kings County Red Cross Swim Kids Swim Lessons Class Descriptions.pdf (188 KB)
Lifeguard & Swim Instructors - Job Opportunities Poster.pdf (269 KB)
Next Red Cross Swim Registration will be Monday September 29th - in person ONLY at 5 p.m. - Orchards Room in the basement level.pdf (221 KB)
Pool Rental Bookings Sign.pdf (142 KB)
Red Cross Swim Registration - September 29th 2014 - Class Schedule Times.pdf (207 KB)
Swim Registration - with Directions to the Orchards Room.pdf (164 KB)
Swim Registration Form - September 29 2014.pdf (316 KB)
Waterville Pool Drop in Swim Times.pdf (241 KB)

For more information on these programs contact the following:

Lisa Amon
Parks and Recreation
(902) 690-6191

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