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Animal Control

Animal Control Services for the Municipality of the County of Kings.
The Municipality of the County of Kings has two by-laws to insure that the ownership of animals does not interfere with the safety and well being of County residents.

By-Law #12A (23KB) Animal Control By-Law.

By-Law 71A (33KB) Dog By-Law.

Enforcement of these by-laws is contracted out by the County along with the requirement to maintain an impound facility where stray dogs and livestock can be temporarily harbored until the Animal Control are reclaimed, placed in foster homes, adopted, or destroyed. Currently, the contract for Animal Control in Kings County is held by Delancey Bishop, who lives and maintains the impound facility on the Long Beach Road, which is located on the North Mountain, about 30 minutes of Kentville. The Dog Pound has six large, separate kennels with indoor and outdoor runs. A barn on the pound property facilitates any livestock, though livestock impounding is less common.

Darlene Millett
Darlene G. Millett has been the Municipality's Animal Control By-Law Enforcement Officer since August, 2001 dedicated to addressing and working to resolve all complaints registered with the Animal Control Answering Service.

DeLancey Bishop
DeLancey administrates the by-law enforcement and maintains the impound facility. DeLancey has been a by-law enforcement officer for Animal Control since 1992, when he started working for his father, Robert Bishop. Robert retired in 1998. Cohen, their dog, keeps all new dogs in their place when they visit the Pound.

Dog Adoption Program: Find Your Next Dog at a Pound or Shelter
The Animal Control pound keepers are constantly in the position of deciding the fate of abandoned and unreclaimed dogs. Typically, over one hundred dogs pass through pound each year. Of these dogs, about half are wanderers that get reclaimed by their owners. Of the dogs that remain, about one third are destroyed. The remaining two-thirds are suitable to being loving and faithful pets again, and through ongoing volunteer work, the people at Animal Control are able to link dogs who desperately need new homes with people who want dogs. By increasing awareness about the option of adopting a pound dog, they hope to minimize the needless destruction of unwanted dogs at the pound.

Find out more call 678 - DOGS (3647).

Contacting Animal Control
To request the services of Animal Control or to inquire about dogs available for adoption, the number to call is easy to remember: 678 - DOGS (3647).

A 24 hr answering service will direct your call to one of the officers. Non-emergency calls are dealt with during business hours Monday to Friday.


Cruelty concerns/complaints such as abandonment, neglect, or abuse must be registered to the Provincial SPCA Office Telephone: 902-835-4798 or toll free 1-888-703-7722 or animals@spcans.ca

Emergencies should be reported to Local RCMP.

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